Chicken Coop Ideas

There are many different uses for chickens. Some people use them for eggs, some(most) use them for meat, and there are many others who actually use them as pets. That being the case, you might be thinking of adding a chicken coop to your own backyard. The great thing about the chicken coop of course, is that you can feel free to build one whether you are in the city or the country so long as zoning laws and regulations allow. The only thing left is to come up with some great chicken coop ideas.

Chickens, unlike most other animals, do not require anything in the way of entertainment. They tend to entertain themselves so long as they have something to explore. For a chicken, the ability to peck and socialize is enough, and contrary to popular belief, these ARE social animals. In addition to that, they need a secure environment as they would be unable to survive in the wild.

The first thing you will need to consider is care and feeding. It will be of the utmost importance to ensure that your chicken feed remains dry, which means you will need a separate area for it within your coop. Most individuals who keep chickens have found it is useful to have a sort of ‘airlock’ between the coop door and the interior pen. Inside this area you can keep your feed, straw, and of course any eggshells that you want to keep on hand for your birds.

What about the exterior of the coop? This is something that most people do not give much thought to, but in order to run an effective chicken coop in any capacity, you are going to need to clean it. With this in mind you will want to be able to move a wheelbarrow into the coop, or at least have one close by. Make sure you can move around inside the coop easily as this will give you more of an advantage during the cleaning process.

Chicken roosts within the coop will typically be made from wood or metal, but if you live in a hot area, it is recommended that you use wood to ensure your birds to do not become overheated. By default the majority of roosts are made from thin metal, so wooden roosts will have to be handmade.

Remember to provide your chickens with plenty of water! Many people make the grievous error of placing open containers in their coops, and this is completely wrong. Doing this will provide them water for a time, but in the end you will have a container filled with feces and other debris. Chickens are fun, but they do not respect their own food source — especially if their life depends on it.

As you can see, owning chickens can be fun, but preparing for them can present its own set of difficulties. Take this into account and build a chicken habitat to be proud of. Your birds are waiting for you.

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