How to Choose the Right Chicken Coop Building Plans

How to Choose the Right Chicken Coop Building Plans

Chicken coop building plans are vital; regardless of how large the coop will be and how many chickens you aim to house. There are many plans available on the Internet for you to download, which will ensure that you build an excellent coop. Before rushing off to print the first plans you come across, you need to consider several elements of the build.

If this is the first building project that you are involved with, you need to choose plans that are straightforward, and easy to follow. You will be amazed at the sheer numbers of chicken coop plans that are available. However, some of them can be complicated and will seem incredibly daunting to the average person. chicken coop design

Keeping chickens has become a popular hobby as they provide a fantastic source of food, for remarkably little effort. Once the coop is built, and the chickens are happy, they will lay eggs every day for you, and help you to get through the economic crisis. If you are fortunate enough to have a large coop, you may also be able to sell the eggs and make a profit.

Space is a key factor that you need to consider when searching for the best chicken coop plans to use for your project. Some people want a massive coop, without considering the money and time this will take to build. You will be amazed how effective a small coop can be, and ensure that you cut costs, and are capable of building the coop yourself.

The design of the coop may be something that you are struggling with, which is why using plans can be beneficial. You may have ideas of what you want the coop to look like both inside and out, however, these ideas may not be suitable for the coop. The structure needs to be functioning, as well as look good for you and visitors.

Materials are an area that you need to consider carefully, to ensure that you purchase the right items to make the coop secure, without extending your budget. Recycling materials is always a good idea and will provide an ecofriendly coop for your chickens, and cut your budget. Once the coop is safe and secure from predators, and adverse weather, the chickens do not mind what you used to build.

If you have a creative mind, you can easily adapt the chicken coop plans to suit your outside space, needs and budget. As long as you follow the plans to include ventilation, sunlight, and easy access to clean, you can change other elements. The coop needs to be sturdy and built to last which can be achieved easily.

Once you have the right chicken coop plans, you can begin your build, which should be fun and engaging. You will learn a lot about your flock before they even arrive, and once the chickens are in the coop you will see how happy they are with their new home. Happy chickens lay happy eggs, which is the whole concept of the project.

4 Benefits to Building Your Own Chicken Coop

4 Benefits to Building Your Own Chicken Coop

An increasing number of people today have developed the hobby of raising chickens in their backyards. People do this for two reasons; either as a recreational hobby as chickens make great pets or as a source of additional income as organic eggs laid by home-raised chickens are in great demand in the market.

No matter what your reason is for raising chickens, you first have to build a chicken coop to start raising chickens. You can choose between building your own coop, or buying a pre-made one that is easily assembled at home. These pre-made coops are best for those who don’t have the time to build or skills to build their own coop.

Cheaper building your own coop

However, most people prefer building their own hen coop, instead of using a readymade one, because of these various benefits. The first benefit is that it is cheaper building your own coop.

It is of course convenient buying a set from the store as it contains everything required to build a coop. However you can save money if you gather the required materials required for building your chicken coop.

Customize your coop

An additional benefit of constructing your own coop is that you can build it exactly as you want. You don’t have to follow any instructions; you just have to use your imagination and expertise to build a coop that fits your backyard.

Many people opt to build their own hen coop as it gives them an opportunity to spend time with their family building it. It’s not necessary that the coop is built over the weekend; you can spend a few weekends building it. You can also get your kids involved in the building process by delegating tasks to them based on their age and skills for handling your tools.

An extra source of income

Once you build the perfect coop for your chickens, you don’t have to limit your talent here. People who have the knack of building interesting and attractive chicken coops can use this as an additional source of income.

You just have to build interestingly designed hen coops, and sell it to those people who are interested in raising chickens, but unfortunately don’t have the time or skills to build their own coop.

Actually, the task of building a coop is not difficult, even to the novice as the internet offers downloadable and simple instructions that help you build your coop. Of course, it’s not enough to just have any plan to follow to build your coop; you have to consider various elements like the amount of space and terrain in your backyard and the number of chickens you plan to grow when you build your own chicken coop.

Cheap Chicken Coops

Cheap Chicken Coops

How do you find cheap chicken coops? Well you have a number of choices when it comes to this type of product. You can find some chicken coops at your local retailers, but the choices are limited, if you are looking for a particular type of coop, chances are your best bet is to look online. There are a number of chicken coop websites to choose from, but prices can vary greatly from one site to another. In addition, these products have to be shipped to you, and usually have to be assembled when you get them.

Even if you don’t have a lot of woodworking experience, chicken coop plans are your best bet for the cheap prices. There are a number of advantages building your own coop as well. One of them is that with all the different plans available, you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

Even beginners can learn to build a basic design, some companies even offer kits that include everything you need to complete coop project. These kits come with wood that is already cut to size, all the hardware and accessories, and some even include the tools you need. Other kits may not include tools, but offer a list so you know which tools you have to have.

Plans allow you to make your own cheap chicken coops, because you are buying all the lumber and hardware yourself. You can go to a home improvement outlet and by the wood and other materials, and can comparison shop so you can get the best prices.

Most good plans also allow for customization, and often encourage it so you can make the coop your own, expand the plans if you need too, and make it as small or large as you want. You definitely can’t say that about chicken coops that are already made.

While you can find plans from a variety of sources, make sure the plans are offered have instructions that anybody can follow, beginners or experts. If a site charges money for their plans, they should offer a variety of different chicken coop designs, and allows you instant access to these plans. If you decide to choose a free site, then the plans should be complete, with a full list of the wood and parts you need, as well as the tools and any accessories.

While there are free sites out there, you get what you pay for, so these sites may not be as good as a well put together pay site. Most people who are selling these plans have many years of experience, and are just trying to pass this knowledge on to the average person. While they may charge you for their plans, these authors won’t rake you over the coals when it comes to price, and you will definitely get your money’s worth. These are just a few examples of where you can find cheap chicken coops. In the end, it is up to you to decide whether buying a coop or using coop plans is the right choice for you.

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Chicken Nesting Boxes

Chicken Nesting Boxes

If you are building a chicken coop, or are thinking about building a chicken coop, then you need to think about where your birds are going to sleep. Unless you plan to bring them into your home for some reason, it would certainly behoove you to build chicken nesting boxes. The only question, is what you plan to build them from and how you want to do it?

Chicken nesting boxes are not a new idea, not by any means. What they are however, is different from coop to coop. Before you proceed, you will need to decide whether you plan to buy your roosts or simply build a set yourself. You have plenty of choices, and the majority will be made of wood.There are a select few that will be made from galvanized metal, and these are done for you completely.

For example they will have the roof attached, and they will feature rails on both levels to ensure the birds can get inside without cutting their feet on the metal lip. The biggest problem with these is the potential for sharp edges and the rapid temperature changes due to metal being a conductor of heat and cold.

Wooden nesting boxes are very popular because they do not conduct heat and cold. In addition to that, they will not usually feature sharp edges, which tends to be a good thing. The one problem you might run into however is the absorbent nature of wood, meaning they will need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. The most common roosting boxes of course are made from plywood, and they can be easily replaced if need be.

If you want to try something a bit different, you might build your own chicken nesting boxes, which tends to be quite popular. There are a plethora of materials you might use for such an undertaking, with some individuals even using five gallon buckets. If you are industrious, you might create a modular system so that you can replace each box individually if something goes wrong.

In the end, no matter what you use, you want to make sure that your chickens are comfortable. If you are using wood, make sure that your roosting boxes are free of protruding nails, and that no toxic chemicals are used in their construction. Your chickens might be fun, but they are not exactly geniuses when it comes to self preservation.

The nesting boxes need to be figured out prior to building your coop, and they will be one of the most important parts. That being said, decide now whether you want to buy your nesting boxes or create your own. The choice is yours!

Chicken Coop Ideas

Chicken Coop Ideas

There are many different uses for chickens. Some people use them for eggs, some(most) use them for meat, and there are many others who actually use them as pets. That being the case, you might be thinking of adding a chicken coop to your own backyard. The great thing about the chicken coop of course, is that you can feel free to build one whether you are in the city or the country so long as zoning laws and regulations allow. The only thing left is to come up with some great chicken coop ideas.

Chickens, unlike most other animals, do not require anything in the way of entertainment. They tend to entertain themselves so long as they have something to explore. For a chicken, the ability to peck and socialize is enough, and contrary to popular belief, these ARE social animals. In addition to that, they need a secure environment as they would be unable to survive in the wild.

The first thing you will need to consider is care and feeding. It will be of the utmost importance to ensure that your chicken feed remains dry, which means you will need a separate area for it within your coop. Most individuals who keep chickens have found it is useful to have a sort of ‘airlock’ between the coop door and the interior pen. Inside this area you can keep your feed, straw, and of course any eggshells that you want to keep on hand for your birds.

What about the exterior of the coop? This is something that most people do not give much thought to, but in order to run an effective chicken coop in any capacity, you are going to need to clean it. With this in mind you will want to be able to move a wheelbarrow into the coop, or at least have one close by. Make sure you can move around inside the coop easily as this will give you more of an advantage during the cleaning process.

Chicken roosts within the coop will typically be made from wood or metal, but if you live in a hot area, it is recommended that you use wood to ensure your birds to do not become overheated. By default the majority of roosts are made from thin metal, so wooden roosts will have to be handmade.

Remember to provide your chickens with plenty of water! Many people make the grievous error of placing open containers in their coops, and this is completely wrong. Doing this will provide them water for a time, but in the end you will have a container filled with feces and other debris. Chickens are fun, but they do not respect their own food source — especially if their life depends on it.

As you can see, owning chickens can be fun, but preparing for them can present its own set of difficulties. Take this into account and build a chicken habitat to be proud of. Your birds are waiting for you.

Portable Chicken Coops

Portable Chicken Coops

Chickens are Now Part of a Mobile Society

There are quite a few options for portable chicken coops. Are you a rural resident with a lot of land or an urban farmer with a yard that presents ideal spots for a coop at different times of the year? Even those with no experience in raising chickens will enjoy looking at pictures and seeing the progress of chicken houses over the years.

Chickens are one of the few animals permitted within most residential areas. People with beautiful homes typically choose outbuildings that match the exterior style and décor of the house. That has spilled over to a similar residence for the chickens. The basic requirements of security, convenience, roosts and roominess still apply.

One of the more clever portable chicken coops is fashioned as an easy-to-move A-Frame house. There is no flooring, making cleanup of the ground or lawn a simple task. The lower level has screened panels on three sides to provide a cool breeze during the summer. The back section is wood and features a small door that the hens use to enter and exit. During the wintertime, heavy-duty plastic or tempered glass panes fit over the screen to keep the interior warm and cozy. A ramp leads to the roosting area above. Two strong handles on one side of the hinged top makes it easy to lift it upwards and gather eggs.

How much interior room do chickens require? The answer depends on what breeds you have. Eight chickens fit comfortably in a 4×6 foot area. If you have bantam hens, another four will fit comfortably. Be certain there is room for a nest box, stairway leading to the roosting area and that cleanup is easy.

Wheels make it simple to move many items around the yard. Chicken tractors provide a plethora of portable chicken coops. Many of those feature powder-coated and galvanized steel to provide long structure life of each unit. Assembly and operation is quick and easy, designed to roll on two or four wheels, depending on size. Easy access and a sliding gate so chickens can come and go when they want is another benefit.

The ability to go mobile means you can have any size of coop you want. One backyard coop holds from one to four chickens. Others are huge structures, yet still portable. They feature lots of space for 24 and more chickens. Average-sized people are able to walk in the door and gather eggs unless they prefer to use the small doors behind each egg box.

There are several advantages to raising chickens such as healthy meat and fresh eggs. Portable chicken coops also let you move their location around the yard. Chickens will scratch through weeds, uprooting them to eat small insects, spiders and beetles. Mother Nature lets the hens provide fertilizer to the ground. The result is better soil for healthier plants provided by chickens in a mobile home.