Portable Chicken Coops

Chickens are Now Part of a Mobile Society

There are quite a few options for portable chicken coops. Are you a rural resident with a lot of land or an urban farmer with a yard that presents ideal spots for a coop at different times of the year? Even those with no experience in raising chickens will enjoy looking at pictures and seeing the progress of chicken houses over the years.

Chickens are one of the few animals permitted within most residential areas. People with beautiful homes typically choose outbuildings that match the exterior style and décor of the house. That has spilled over to a similar residence for the chickens. The basic requirements of security, convenience, roosts and roominess still apply.

One of the more clever portable chicken coops is fashioned as an easy-to-move A-Frame house. There is no flooring, making cleanup of the ground or lawn a simple task. The lower level has screened panels on three sides to provide a cool breeze during the summer. The back section is wood and features a small door that the hens use to enter and exit. During the wintertime, heavy-duty plastic or tempered glass panes fit over the screen to keep the interior warm and cozy. A ramp leads to the roosting area above. Two strong handles on one side of the hinged top makes it easy to lift it upwards and gather eggs.

How much interior room do chickens require? The answer depends on what breeds you have. Eight chickens fit comfortably in a 4×6 foot area. If you have bantam hens, another four will fit comfortably. Be certain there is room for a nest box, stairway leading to the roosting area and that cleanup is easy.

Wheels make it simple to move many items around the yard. Chicken tractors provide a plethora of portable chicken coops. Many of those feature powder-coated and galvanized steel to provide long structure life of each unit. Assembly and operation is quick and easy, designed to roll on two or four wheels, depending on size. Easy access and a sliding gate so chickens can come and go when they want is another benefit.

The ability to go mobile means you can have any size of coop you want. One backyard coop holds from one to four chickens. Others are huge structures, yet still portable. They feature lots of space for 24 and more chickens. Average-sized people are able to walk in the door and gather eggs unless they prefer to use the small doors behind each egg box.

There are several advantages to raising chickens such as healthy meat and fresh eggs. Portable chicken coops also let you move their location around the yard. Chickens will scratch through weeds, uprooting them to eat small insects, spiders and beetles. Mother Nature lets the hens provide fertilizer to the ground. The result is better soil for healthier plants provided by chickens in a mobile home.

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