Chicken Nesting Boxes

If you are building a chicken coop, or are thinking about building a chicken coop, then you need to think about where your birds are going to sleep. Unless you plan to bring them into your home for some reason, it would certainly behoove you to build chicken nesting boxes. The only question, is what you plan to build them from and how you want to do it?

Chicken nesting boxes are not a new idea, not by any means. What they are however, is different from coop to coop. Before you proceed, you will need to decide whether you plan to buy your roosts or simply build a set yourself. You have plenty of choices, and the majority will be made of wood.There are a select few that will be made from galvanized metal, and these are done for you completely.

For example they will have the roof attached, and they will feature rails on both levels to ensure the birds can get inside without cutting their feet on the metal lip. The biggest problem with these is the potential for sharp edges and the rapid temperature changes due to metal being a conductor of heat and cold.

Wooden nesting boxes are very popular because they do not conduct heat and cold. In addition to that, they will not usually feature sharp edges, which tends to be a good thing. The one problem you might run into however is the absorbent nature of wood, meaning they will need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. The most common roosting boxes of course are made from plywood, and they can be easily replaced if need be.

If you want to try something a bit different, you might build your own chicken nesting boxes, which tends to be quite popular. There are a plethora of materials you might use for such an undertaking, with some individuals even using five gallon buckets. If you are industrious, you might create a modular system so that you can replace each box individually if something goes wrong.

In the end, no matter what you use, you want to make sure that your chickens are comfortable. If you are using wood, make sure that your roosting boxes are free of protruding nails, and that no toxic chemicals are used in their construction. Your chickens might be fun, but they are not exactly geniuses when it comes to self preservation.

The nesting boxes need to be figured out prior to building your coop, and they will be one of the most important parts. That being said, decide now whether you want to buy your nesting boxes or create your own. The choice is yours!

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